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Dried Garlic Slices

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Garlic is an indispensable seasoning in our daily life. When we eat it, we can feel the spicy taste because of the existence of allicin. Garlic and onion have similar spicy taste because of allicin. Allicin, an alkaline food, is a light yellow powder with a strong smell. Garlic has many functions such as sterilization and detoxification, and also has many biological activities. So it can not only taste, but also be used as medicine and improve immunity. Garlic is also widely used. In addition to the seasoning for human consumption, it can also be used in aquaculture as a feed additive.

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The hottest garlic slices must be dehydrated from four or six cloves fresh garlic from Cangshan area. If you want to buy the hottest garlic slices, you’d better buy them from July 10 to August 25 every year.


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